Cisco Unified IP Phones

Cisco Unified IP phones

Cisco Unified IP Phones

Cisco® IP Phones empower your business with a new collaboration experience that connects you with the right people, with the right information at the right time, so you can accelerate team performance and maximize your business results. Effective collaborative experiences among individuals and teams can help you:

 • Harness the power of your busy professional staff by enabling them to collaborate confidently with customers, partners, colleagues, and suppliers.

 • Maximize interaction with subject-matter experts (SMEs) by taking advantage of pervasive presence, team space escalation to calling and conferencing capabilities.

• Transform your business processes and reduce costs with interactive high-quality, business grade high-definition video communications.

 • Get access to optional third-party endpoint applications and accessories to innovate new workflows. Cisco began developing voice over IP (VoIP) communications and collaboration solutions in 1997 and has provided them longer than any other vendor in the industry. According to Synergy Research, Cisco is the number one overall voice and video communications equipment vendor in the world and the leader in most unified communications categories, including conferencing and voice messaging.

Occasional-Use VoIP Communications

Cisco Unified IP Phones , SIP Phone 3900 Series

This is an entry-level VoIP endpoint that delivers basic telephony features at a very affordable price. The 3900 Series is fully localized for use around the world and well-suited for settings with occasional needs for VoIP communications, such as:

 • Lobbies

• Classrooms

• Laboratories

• Hallways

 It can also be used by knowledge workers at the desk who have occasional voice communications needs. Cisco Unified SIP Phone 3905 The single-line Cisco Unified SIP Phone 3905 is an affordable, entry-level VoIP endpoint designed to grow with your organization. A monochrome display supports caller ID, call history, and phone information to enhance its user experience. The 3905 is compact, can be wall-mounted, and includes a traditional handset and a standard 12-digit dial pad. A 2-way navigation button with a select key enables users to navigate up and down menus and text that is presented on the display. IT administrators will find the Cisco Unified SIP Phone 3905 easy and less costly to administer, install, and maintain. It comes standard with an integrated Ethernet switch to support a co-located PC at a desk. Thus, it can be an option for customers seeking to deploy it at a desk for users with light voice communications needs. The phone reduces both cabling at the desk and initial installation costs.

The Cisco Unified SIP Phone 3900 Series


• Full-duplex speakerphone for 2-way conversations

• Built-in IEEE 10/100 switch to reduce desktop clutter and installation costs for desktop deployments

• Support for 2 concurrent calls per line with a busy trigger

• Graphical monochrome 2-line display

• Message-waiting indicator (MWI) light

• Volume control rocker

• Fixed feature keys for one-touch access to redial, transfer, hold/resume, mute, and speakerphone

Cisco Unified IP Phones 7800 Series


The Cisco IP Phone 7800 Series delivers affordable, high-fidelity and secure Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based VoIP communications to help make your employees more productive in their day-to-day interactions and advance your business goals. Along with the Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series, they deliver the best audio experience Cisco has delivered in an IP Phone to date, with state-of-art technology enhancements to both speaker and microphone. The Cisco IP Phone 7800 Series is an ideal cost-effective solution for small-to-large companies. If you have older analog and digital telephony desk phones today and wish to migrate to Cisco Unified Communications, then the 7800 Series could be your phones of choice. In addition, Cisco customers who wish to expand or update their investment in VoIP communications endpoints can also consider this series. All models of the Cisco IP Phone 7800 Series support the latest security enhancements, including Secure Hash Algorithm 2 (SHA-2) and Transport Layer Security 1.2 for encrypting communications to help protect the intellectual property of your business. The 7800 Series also supports investment protection for your desktop endpoint investment, should you be evaluating migration from Cisco on-premises infrastructures to cloud delivery, now or in the future. Whether on-premises, with support from C The IP Phone 7800 Series models offer the following user features and capabilities as standard:

• High-fidelity audio (i.e., G.722 wideband) through speaker, handset, and headset for crystal-clear audio quality and performance on most desk phone models

• 360-degree handsfree high-fidelity audio for small conference rooms (7832 model)

• Grayscale, high-resolution liquid crystal displays on most models for easy viewing at a glance

• Fixed keys for common telephony features such as conference, transfer, hold/resume, directory, and services plus 2-way navigation button on most models

• Single- and 2-position foot stands to optimize viewing angles under varied lighting conditions (desk phone model dependent)

• Programmable line/feature keys for flexibility in assigning lines or features, such as speed dials (number varies by desk phone model)

• Tricolor LEDs on programmable line keys for call-status notification at a glance on most desk phone models

• Single- and multiple-call-per-line capability, delivering more powerful and flexible call navigation and session management (desk phone models)

• Four context-sensitive programmable soft keys for more dynamic feature interaction and enhanced user experience

• Full-duplex speakerphone, increasing personal productivity when engaged in multiparty conversations • Electronic hook switch for enhanced call management (initiate, answer, end, and mute calls) through third-party headsets by using IP Phone 7800 Series auxiliary ports (most models)

• Color options of charcoal and white available on most models

 IP Phone 7800 Series model features :

• Support for “VPN-less” connectivity with Cisco Expressway

• IEEE-integrated switches to reduce costs of infrastructure to the desk by routing PC traffic through the 7800 Series endpoint on most models (speed varies by desk phone model)

• Low power consumption as IEEE Power over Ethernet (PoE) Class 1 devices on desk phone models

• Power-save option on all models that can reduce power consumption, in off hours, up to 60 percent versus the phone in idle state with Cisco EnergyWise™ technology

• Text-based third-party Extensible Markup Language (XML) applications from Cisco vendor partners

• Latest security enhancements, including Secure Hash Algorithm 2 (SHA-2) and Transport Layer Security 1.2 for encrypted communications cisco Business Edition (BE), Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) and Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) infrastructures, or cloud delivery with Cisco Spark™ which brings together calling, messaging and meeting services, the Cisco IP Phone 7800 Series can address your deployment needs.

The endpoints in this series can even be redeployed, across these options, should your strategy or business needs change making them a very flexible investment choice!

Cisco IP Phone 7841 The 4-line Cisco IP Phone 7841 is an ideal endpoint for moderately active voice users. It is well suited for knowledge workers, administrative staff, managers, customer care agents, and supervisors who have moderate-to-active VoIP communications needs. The 7841 has a 3.5-inch (8.9 cm) graphical, grayscale, 396 x 162 pixel-based display and is backlit. The 4-programmable line/feature keys feature tricolor LEDs that provide call-status notification at a glance. The 4-programmable line/feature keys come with tricolor LEDs to see call status at a glance. The Cisco IP Phone 7841 also comes standard with an IEEE PoE 10/100/1000 switch (Gigabit Ethernet) that supports the traffic from a collocated PC. The 7841 supports the latest security enhancements, including Secure Hash Algorithm 2 (SHA-2) and Transport Layer Security 1.2. As options, a wall-mount kit for the 7841 is available for areas without desks or where desk space is limited. A replaceable silver bezel is also available for customers who wish to change out the black that comes standard with the endpoint. The 7841 is available in charcoal and white. It comes with a 2-position footstand

Next-Generation Video and Voice Communications Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series

Cisco Unified IP Phones CP-8845-K9

The Cisco IP Phone 8800 Series is the advanced endpoint portfolio that delivers ease of use with superior performance. With the IP Phone 8800 Series, your business can benefit from cost-effective, reliable, secure, and scalable high-definition voice over IP (VoIP) communications. On select models, you can also get:

• Affordable entry to 720p high-definition (HD) video communications to video-enable your entire organization.

• Telephony feature integration support with Cisco’s Intelligent Proximity for Mobile Voice when using personal mobile devices

• In-campus mobile communications within wireless LAN (WLAN) networks for workers in more rigorous, industrialized work settings.

• High-performance audio conferencing for small-to-large conference rooms up to 1140 square feet (106 square meters) and up to 42 participants in the room.

• Escalate Cisco Spark™ member exchanges, within Spark virtual team rooms, to Spark voice or video calls

• Choice of two user experience modes for call handling and navigation (IT configured) Nine models are available with the IP Phone 8800 Series that range in their support to address the needs of knowledge workers, managers, executives and customer care staff. Specialty deployments are supported for audio conference rooms and in-campus mobile workers in rigorous work environments. The 8800 Series includes desk phone models 8811, 8841, 8845, 8851, 8861, 8865. Specialty models include IP Conference Phone 8832 for executive offices and midsized-to-large conference rooms, and the 8821 and 8821-EX for in-campus mobile workers. The 8845 and 8865 support entry to 720p HD video.

With the 8800 Series and HD video (Figure 16), you can:

• Elevate and personalize communications to improve the quality and speed of decision making.

• Enhance collaboration between geographically dispersed teams and workgroups to accelerate team performance.

• Enable busy employees to meet “face-to- face” from without ever leaving their offices.

• Scale compelling integrated collaboration experiences across your organization quickly and cost-effectively.

• Collaborate with confidence – within your business and between businesses as the IP Phone 8800 Series supports the latest security enhancements for encryption

The 8800 Series, along with the 7800 Series described earlier in this brochure, are the best audio performing IP phones Cisco has ever delivered. Wideband (G.722) audio is supported on all models and the 8811, 8832, 8841, 8845, 8851, 8861, and 8865 desk endpoints are hardware-enhanced for higher performance on echo cancellation, meeting European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) compliance. In addition, vibration isolation of the hardware has been applied to both speakers and microphones, resulting in a higher-quality communications experience. With Cisco Intelligent Proximity for Mobile Voice, Cisco brings the worlds of desktop and mobile closer together to support how your workforce wishes to work. The IP Phone 8845, 8851, 8861, and 8865 models support this feature. It enables import of both your contacts and call history from your mobile device to these desk phones. In addition, users have the ability to move the audio path of active voice and video calls to these desk phones to enjoy the superior acoustical properties they can deliver. You can even move the audio path of your active voice or video call back to your personal mobile device if you need to step away from your desk. Android and Apple (iOS) personal mobile devices are supported. While not a specific feature of Cisco Intelligent Proximity, because the IP Phone 8851, 8861, and 8865 models offer USB support, you can even charge your personal mobile devices from a USB port on these phones as an added convenience when you are at your desk. The IP Phone 8851 supports smartphone charging. The IP Phones 8861 and 8865 support both smartphone and tablet fast charging.

Cisco Unified IP Phones 8800 Series features:

To the IP Phone 8811, 8841, 8845, 8851, 8861 and 8865 models follow:

• 5-to-10 lines6 with two user selectable experience options for added flexibility in call management

• More intuitive, easier-to-use phones with the highest-resolution, backlit, graphical widescreen VGA, 800- x 480-pixel displays in the Cisco IP Phone portfolio (grayscale or color is model-dependent)

• Increased productivity with easier navigation of menus and call-transaction status using the 5-way navigation cluster and 4 context-sensitive soft-label keys (most models)

• Enhanced tactile feel and reduced errant dialing with rounded ergonomic fixed keys

• Fixed keys for commonly used functions including messaging, directory, services, transfer, conference, mute, headset, speakerphone, hold, and release

• Replaceable silver bezel option for the black bezel that comes standard (desk phone models only)

• Escalation of Cisco Spark™ member exchanges, within Spark virtual team rooms, to Spark voice or video calls as work requires. IT features common to the IP Phone 8811, 8841, 8845, 8851, 8861 and 8865, unless otherwise noted, include:

• Flexible deployment options with support from Cisco communication servers, whether on-premises or in the cloud with Cisco Spark™, and third-party Cisco pre-approved Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) call-control platforms7

• Support for 802.3af/at PoE to reduce installation and infrastructure costs by eliminating or reducing the need for local power supplies (“power cubes”) 6 Session Mode (SLM) supports up to five configurable lines. Enhanced Line Mode (ELM) available with Phone OS 11.5 and later is a new user option and supports up to 10 configurable lines or programmable keys. 7 Contact your Cisco representative for availability timing details and supported third-party UCaaS call-control platforms. As of June 2017, supported UCaaS platforms include Asterisk, BroadSoft and Centile. Note that telephony features may vary by vendor. You are encouraged to contact your UCaaS vendor of choice to inquire about IP Phone 8800 Series features supported and that they meet your business needs.

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