Siemon is an industry leader
in the design and manufacture of high quality,
high performance IT infrastructure solutions and services
for Data Centers, Intelligent Buildings, Enterprise LANs and Wireless.

Siemon Products:

siemon Patch Cords

Siemon’s LockIT patch cords are ideal for preventing disconnections from critical end devices such as security cameras, point-of-sale terminals, self-service kiosks, digital displays and other devices in publicly-accessible spaces like schools, retail stores, transportation hubs, hospitality venues and hospitals.  Secure critical connections with LockIT patch cords at patch panels and switches to safeguard your IT infrastructure. 

Easy Installation

LockIT doesn’t require a
key to lock the cords in place,
simply insert the red tab to secure it

Simple Unlocking

The extended length of
the LockIT key allows for
easier access to unlock cords

Robust Support

The ribbed boot design
allows for effective bend relief
ensuring high system performance

Siemon patch cords Applications:

Security Cameras

Prevent the unauthorized tampering or disconnection of security/surveillance cameras

Transportation & Point of Sale Terminals

Prevent tampering or accidental disconnection at public ticketing terminals and self-service kiosks

Entertainment & Hospitality

Prevent unauthorized disconnects & deters patch cord theft from outlets connected to digital displays


  • Shutter Type Face Plate suitable for all kinds of shielded keystone Jacks like Cat.6 Cat5e R-J45.
  • The wall plate made with durable ABS plastic for quick and easy installation.
  • With replaceable ID station label on the top.
  • Fully Shielded (Flush Mount & Surface Mount Type).
  • Size:86x86mm. The faceplate is fitted to a standard single gang 86mm x 86mm back boxes for wall mounting

               Siemon Patch Panels:

Siemon 24 Port Cat 6A Patch Panel

Siemon 24 Port Cat 6A Patch Panel is a wiring Panel for Telecommunication and Structured Wiring for IT devices. Siemon 24 Port Cat 6A Shielded Patch Panels provide outstanding performance and aesthetics in a shielded, high-density modular solution. The panels provide rapid and reliable installation by accelerating outlet mounting, grounding, and cable tie down operations. In addition to traditional 24 port/1U flat and angled versions, the shielded panels are also available in 48 port/1U configurations to permit high density installations.

Siemon48 port CAT 6A 10G patch panel

  • HD 6 Patch Panels feature universal wiring for both T568A and T568B applications.
  • Modular outlets are FCC CFR 47 part 68 subpart F and IEC 60603-7 compliant and have 50 microinch gold plated contacts
  • Black anodized panels can be mounted directly to an EIA standard 19 inch relay rack or cabinet
  • Front surface is uninterrupted by screw heads for a clean appearance
  • Icon label holders and designation labels included

Siemon Network Patch Panels 48 Ports Cat 6

  • Panels can be mounted directly to fit a standard 19 inch relay rack or cabinet
  • Modules utilize Siemon colored icons for easy identification and administration
  • Available in 16-, 24- 48-, and 72-port configurations
  • Write-on area provided for panel designation
  • Bold port numbering enables quick and ready identification of outlets
  • Additional space is provided for custom user labeling

 Siemon Network Patch Panels-24 Ports Cat 6

  • Terminates with standard 110 termination tools
  • Panels available in 16, 24, 32, 48 and 96-port configurartions
  • Front surface is uninterrupted by screw heads for a clean appearance
  • Icon label holders and designation labels included
  • Panels can be mounted directly to an EIA standard 19 inch relay rack or cabinet
  • HD 6 Patch Panels feature universal wiring for both T568A and T568B.



Siemon’s Category 6A UTP cable provides channel performance exceeding TIA and ISO/IEC 6A requirements when used with Z-MAX™ 6A UTP connectivity. Siemon’s category 6A UTP cable with cross separator uses a central pair separator for optimal pair-to-pair crosstalk isolation as well as Internal Longitudinal Striation (ILS™) jacket construction to reduce alien crosstalk (AXT) coupling between adjacent cables.

SIEMON CABLE CAT 6A Foiled Twisted Pair (FTP)

SIEMON CAT6A UTP cable 305 Meters is best-in-class performance, usability and speed. Its terminations with offers security and robust noise immunity of a shielded cabling system.

The end-to-end solution represents the cutting edge of category 6A cabling.

SIEMON CAT6A UTP cable supports channel performance exceeding ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 and ISO/IEC 11801 Class EA requirements.

Siemon Cat 6A Ethernet Cables combined with Siemon Z-MAX 6A shielded connectivity, the result is a channel capable of supporting 10GBASE-T operation over 100-metre, 4-connector topology. In addition, the screened construction ensures virtually zero alien cross talk.

Category 6A F/UTP cabling system supports emerging and converging IP applications like Voice Over IP (VoIP), IP video, remote powering and future 10Gbps applications.

Siemon keystone jack module

Siemon Cat 6A Keystone Jack Module is a key component of the structured computer networking Cat 6A compliant system. It offers enhanced Electromagnetic interference and Alien cross talk performance.

Cat 6A Keystone Jack Module Tool-less design allows all the 4 pairs to be easily

terminated with a pair of channel locks in the fastest and reliable termination process.

Cat 6A Keystone Jack Module can be mounted into patch panels, faceplates,

floor boxes, and work area enclosures. The enhanced Siemon 6A shielded cabling system delivers high network performance today and an investment protection for future networks.

Category 6A shielded Tool-less Keystone jack meets all international standards for Alien cross talk suppression transfer impedance, shielding, grounding and bonding via a simple PCB compensation design.

Siemon Cat 6A Keystone Jack Module

  • Verified by Delta EC  to be compliant with Category 6A, Class EA.
  • RoHS compliant with ergonomic features
  • High-quality die-cast housing channel locks
  • Guided wire pre-sorting technology to help ensure proper installation Easy termination cap for quick installation
  • Suitable for 10G Base T Ethernet applications
  • Designed to easily & quickly snap in and out of wall outlets and patch panels.

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