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Technerve Solutions prides itself in being the most respected ICT company when it comes to our approach in handling clients. This forms part of our pillars of strength.
The organization brings together a multi-disciplined team able to undertake every aspect of consultancy, infrastructure design, sourcing, installation and ongoing support. It’s a team with the ability to deliver quick and efficiently to your every need.
As your technology partner, Technerve Solutions will work with you to create a competitive advantage using rapidly emerging technologies such as internet commerce and intranet tools, always ensuring a versatile and reliable platform for your information systems that can adapt to changing business priorities.
Our relationship with many of the key technology providers ensures we can offer expert independent advice on the most advantageous networking, hardware and software solutions for your organization.

Services offered at Technerve Solutions includes;

• LAN design and structured cabling (Data, Voice & Video).
• Surveillance system (CCTV) design and installations – wired and wireless.
• Fiber optics cable installations, splicing, termination and complete testing.
• Data center design and installations.
• Consultation services.

LAN design and structured cabling (Data, Voice & Video)
• Integrate the latest technologies
• Design of cable routes for all technologies i.e. data, CCTV, voice, electricity, dstv etc.
• Helps your business stay ahead of the competition, while reducing overall infrastructure costs

• Data Types and Sources
• Numbers of Users and Priority Levels
• Transmission and Speed requirements,
• Load Variation Estimates,
• Storage requirement,
• Reliability requirements,
• Security requirements,
• Existing Network

Surveillance system (CCTV) design and installations – wired and wireless
• A high-performance managed surveillance service with 24 / 7 / 365 availability
• Deter theft
• Deter opportunist malpractice
• Detect suspicious activity

Our Approach to Meeting the Requirement We will apply a simple principle. — strive to deliver a value for money service. We will absorb the technical detail and pressure so that the customer realizes a high-performance managed surveillance service with 24 / 7 / 365 availability.

Fiber optics cable installations, splicing, terminations and Testing.
Optical fiber replaced copper/ Ethernet in subscriber lines was that it has a faster and more reliable connectivity, since in the fiber cable the information is transferred with laser light. The information is transformed into zeros and ones by the router or switch port and the laser on the port blinks rapidly, thus shooting the light into the fiber.

Data center design and installations
A data center or computer center is a facility used to house computer systems and associate components, such as telecommunications and storage generally includes redundant data communications connections, Environmental controls (e.g. air conditioning and fire suppression).

These are the steps which we follow in handling projects;
1. Survey / Request
This is the most premier part of any transaction, and we term it as most important to us since this is where we identify opportunity to provide for. It’s the point where the Client and We make contact for the first time. Regardless of whether it’s our sales team that approached the need or the need that came to us (In this regard the Client), Technerve solutions always ensures to seize this opportunity and engage the client to identify their needs.
2. Evaluation
With all the details and data collected from the Client, the Technerve solutions Team can sit down and access the requirements with the best solution that will best suit the Client’s needs. Determination of final product or service to the client shall depend on:
• Research from relevant teams
• Compatibility of solution with existing infrastructure
• Client end usage requirement
• Availability and reliability of solution
• Outstanding customer support
• Pricing factor
After these factors are put into consideration, we conclude on final remedy which is complete after the next step.
3. Presentation / Proposal
The third step is about putting the Client into the status of the solution which involves a demo that which would be either verbal, written, video or a technical presentation. During this, the Client can engage the Technerve solutions team with queries and clarifications. Also, this is the chance to modify the solution or customize it to the customer preference. The next step is partly connected to this and can either follow immediately or a later date.
4. Agreement / Negotiations
On this crucial stage is where a conclusion on the particular solution to be implemented is chosen. Financial implication is laid on the table and discussed in regard to choose, if solutions are more than one.
Payment duration is agreed upon acceptance of the Technerve solutions proposal. We do offer credit terms with respect to the transaction specifics. There is always a round table negotiation platform on total costs and delivery period. Also, this shall include any after sale agreement e.g., after sale service, service maintenance, warranties etc.
When this is presented in proper writing, then the next step can be executed.
5. Procurement
Upon receipt of written acceptance of terms of delivery and payment, Technerve solutions is only but obliged to begin the process of acquiring if not fabricating the proposed solution into a tangible order.
This is as a well a vital stage because all that was proposed has to be put into reality and must be in a functional state. All standards are duly observed to ensure solution is of certified level/ status. After achieving the final status within scope of works, test runs are done to ensure the (to be delivered) solution is of sound nature.
6. Delivery / Installation
With respect to step four where terms and conditions are deemed to apply, implementation of the solution at the end usage point shall be delivered accordingly. At this stage mainly the technical team is fully involved and will load full bars to deliver service above bar and within the stipulated time.
Access to site is granted in liaisons between site manager and Client. Delivery is less precise for confirmation but for the installation solutions, details have to be deeply scrutinized to avoid malfunctions, delayed handovers and material wastage. This is done openly in Technerve solutions, the client’s clear line of sight for ease of monitoring and rectification.
After completion of the respective task then we strategically move to the next
7. Testing & Training.
During this period, attention is paid to detail by the client or the client’s personnel. As the testing of final performance of the solution takes place, Technerve solutions personnel shall equip the Client and their associates with knowledge on using and troubleshooting the system solutions. This is the final stage of implementation before the handover is actually done.
Rectifications of the final stature are done. And through the Clients satisfaction, the project is deemed complete. Note that this can continue as the Client undertakes his daily routines as testing are well done during the real task operations.
8. Commissioning & Handover
Handing over is vital as it is the official time that solution is termed as successful. Commissioning is done on writing to confirm that all is per stated proposal and if there are any changes, then they are documented and asserted to. At this juncture, certificates of completion are issued and financial compensation can begin being processed.

You can contact us on.
Tel No: 0708-525656
: 0723639296
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